DIY Home Building


At DIY Home Building you will find the information and resources you need to successfully build your own house. You will find a systematic do-it-yourself  building process that takes you from conception to completion. We will start by encouraging you to dream, to creatively pursue a path that fits your personality and need. We will then focus on the primary aspects of project design and planning. Finally, we will address the building process and eco construction details.

You will find information on creative design, standard and alternative building methods, financial considerations, working with suppliers and subcontractors, and much more. Our intent is to partner with you as you explore and proceed with your do-it-yourself home building project.  Continue reading





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Dream – the place do-it-yourself building begins

Do-It-Yourself BuildingDo-it-yourself building is a common dream that many of us share. For those of us in the United States, the dream to build your own house is a common piece of the “American dream” – it signifies security, success, and freedom. But this dream transcends geographic boundaries and culture – at the core, the dream of building your own house reflects the basic human need for shelter. It also goes beyond basic need to other important considerations for our fulfillment. I think the dream also reflects our deeper needs for creative expression, emotional and spiritual security, and a connection with others. Continue reading

Plan – home building plans require more than drawings

Home Building PlanA home building plan that covers all the aspects of the building process is a critical piece of do-it-yourself building. Many people think that learning how to build your own house requires knowledge of all the construction details, while others think it is as simple a choosing an online house plan and finding a lot. I like to encourage getting a basic understanding of construction details in order to maintain quality control, but it is understanding the planning process and construction management that is foundational for your diy home building project. Just as the foundation of your home will support the final structure, planning and management will support your home building process. Continue reading

Build – the construction phase for building your own house

Building Your Own HouseBuilding your own house primarily requires effective construction management. After getting the  dreaming and planning down you are ready to start functioning as your own contractor. Once your lot is chosen, your plans are drawn, your team is developed, your permits are in in place, and your loan is closed you are ready to break ground and build your house. But first – a successful do-it-yourself building project requires an effective management system like what is used by every good contractor. Continue reading

Resources to Help Build Your Own House