To build my own house was the dream from which this website grew.

Ron Czecholinski
Ron Czecholinski

I am a dreamer, an owner builder, and a professional contractor for over thirty years. DIY Home Building grew from the dream to build my own house, and represents those years of experience and my intent to provide you with everything you need to explore do-it-yourself building and remodeling.

I started as an owner builder with the purchase of my first home – a “fixer upper” cottage on a beautiful Wisconsin lake. It needed remodeling and a small addition to meet the needs of my family. I also had the dream to build my own house and soon decided to get a job with a general contractor to learn home building from the ground up. After a couple years working on new homes as well as remodeling, and learning everything from the foundation to the roof, I started my own contracting business. I also put action to my dream to build my own house – I sold my remodeled home, bought two acres of land, and built an energy efficient passive solar log home.

Since that time I have been professionally involved in home building as a contractor, a real estate investor, and as a consultant for green building and owner built homes. At midlife I shifted direction and returned to school, where I focused on counseling and conflict resolution. These skills have proved beneficial for coaching others in the do-it-yourself building process.

My wife and I have also built or remodeled many of our own homes. Our experience is hands on and goes beyond the nuts and bolts of construction. We have learned where and how to save money while maintaining quality control. We have experienced the pitfalls and frustrations along the way, as well as the pride and satisfaction of our completed homes. We understand the dream and the challenge of building your own home.

Our work with owner builders today is to provide personalized support at every step of this exciting journey. We help facilitate creative home design, the application of eco construction principles, efficient project management, and open communication with everyone involved. Our desire is to help you fulfill your dream of building your own house.

My wife is an excellent interior designer with an eclectic focus influenced by the wabi-sabi principles of natural simplicity, and a commitment to recycling and repurposing.

We continue to keep the dream alive for ourselves. We now live in Asheville, North Carolina and are developing an “intentional” neighborhood” of 10 small homes. It’s here in this beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge mountains that I am planning again to build my own house.

Please contact me with any of your home building questions.


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